Brand Development

Clayton Bank

With 15 locations throughout the state and a well-respected family name, Clayton Bank is a Tennessee institution. 

Northeast Tennessee Association of Realtors

Honest, ethical, and professional.

Not only do these words describe The Northeast Tennessee Association of Realtors (NETAR) as a whole, they also outline the type of service you’ll receive from its network of realtors. With more than 50 years of service, the merging of four associations in 1996, and over 1,000 members, NETAR provides the sources required for successful realtors to  assist the community.


Tennessee Valley Fair

The Tennessee Valley Fair has been a tradition since 1919, dedicated to showcasing East Tennessee's heritage, agriculture and the arts. A big part of many family's Fall activities, the Fair attracts 150,000 guests annually from every county in East Tennessee.

Camel Manufacturing

Founded in 1919 by World War I veteran B.A. Bower, Camel Manufacturing Company got its start producing civilian canvas tarps and truck covers made from surplus Army tents. At the onset of World War II, Camel began the much needed production of military tents and vehicle covers for the U.S. Army.

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Tennessee Valley - Ignite Greatness

Amid leadership transition, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Tennessee Valley contacted us for help in changing old stereotypes associated with the Clubs, and in differentiating them from other youth-serving organizations.

Through core ideology sessions, the core purpose of the Clubs became: "Every person we encounter has limitless potential. We must discover, ignite and foster that greatness."

Sevier County Bank

The oldest business in Sevier County, SCB's logo was last updated during the 1970's. Over time, through expansion and personnel changes, the brand had become inconsistent and dated. BigWheel worked with the bank to develop a new corporate identity program including a new name and logo, taking an approach that is modern while still paying homage to the bank's history and respect for the region. The logo is based on the iconic Mount LeConte, and represents the region's mountains, foothills, rivers and bottomland.