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Marketing Strategy

At BigWheel, we take a different approach to marketing. Before we start throwing out different tactics like redesigning your website or setting up social media pages, we want to get to know your brand. Effective marketing is based on a plan that is consistent, organized, deliberate, tracked, and long-term. Our process starts with a foundational understanding of your company from the inside out, generating distinct strategies to fit your business needs. Social media, digital marketing, and strong graphic design all play a role -- but a cohesive plan is essential. See the difference a data-driven strategy can make with:

    • Discovery Sessions
    • Market Research & Audience Analysis
    • Multi-Faceted Marketing Plans

    General Motors

    GM logo

    Generated a $17,000,000 in increase revenue in one year through Gigmark 

    Kimball's Jewelers

    Kimball's Jewelers results logo

    Kimball’s puts relationships first, which is what inspired the design of their new site and marketing campaigns. Customer stories and eye-catching graphics lead the brand’s approach to social media, while radio and print advertising brings messaging to a broader audience. Our Mother's Day social media campaign accounted for 70% of total sales.