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Voices Heard Media

Voices Heard Media


Thanks to Voices Heard Media, connecting with your audience has never been easier. The team behind this powerful quiz and polling software has spent more than a decade building results-oriented digital interactive experiences for some of the world’s biggest brands. Ready to make your audience work for you? 



Real Housewives Awards

Between 2014 and 2015, VHM helped more than 3 million users cast their votes during Bravo’s Real Housewives Awards


Cnn results logo

CNN Soundtracks: Numbers aren't huge but the brand recognition is. 16,024 interactions 4,645 engagements 


Disney Channel Quizzes

Quizzes created for Disney earned a 2015 Addy award. In 2017, the quizzes in their app alone have received over 104,799,418 interactions. And 13,321,780 unique engagements. Given $5.00 CPM, we generated $701,148



From theme parks to television shows, Disney’s audience has fierce brand loyalty. To help maximize their consumer engagement, the folks behind the “most magical place on earth” came to us for help with designing and developing their online quizzes. 

Taking Consumer Engagement to the Next Level

Voices Heard’s software helps power a set of interactive quizzes based on several of Disney’s shows. Within Disney’s mobile app, fans of Descendants, Andi Mack, Stuck In The Middle, Duck Tales, and more, can engage in various personality and trivia quizzes, and can even determine which show character they are most like. While the participants develop a closer relationship to the shows, Disney gains valuable analytics on their show’s fanbase.

Bravo - Real Housewives

Bravo - Real Housewives

It’s hard to think about Bravo without thinking about the Real Housewives. The show’s brand has one of the most loyal followings in reality TV. In 2014, Bravo approached us about creating the Real Housewives Awards, an online awards event driven by fan voting that displays some of the best (and worst) traits of the Real Housewives stars. 

Puting Votes into Action

Voices Heard’s powerful software handled Bravo’s passionate voting fans. For two consecutive years, we partnered with the network to power the voting engine behind the awards. The interactive ballots were set up to handle a large volume of fan voting that allowed users to flow from category to category. Ballots were also optimized for social sharing.