Paid Digital Advertising

With the number of online ad networks available today, potential customers’ demographics are being pinpointed like never before. With so many choices available, you need a partner to guide you through the options.

BigWheel blends a number of ad networks into our digital marketing campaigns to meet specific customer goals, whether they be lead generation, brand awareness, or audience engagement.

Unlike typical advertising agencies, we are strictly fee-based. Most firms collect a commission based on their client’s online ad purchases. Based on an ad agency model that goes back decades, we see that approach as a natural conflict of interest, a temptation to steer clients toward channels in which the agency makes more commission. At BigWheel, you will pay your media channel fees directly to the vendor, giving you transparency and allowing you to gauge success for yourself through your vendor’s network portal.

BigWheel’s paid advertising services include:

  • Keyword research
  • Demographic and interest group research
  • Remarketing code implementation
  • Retargeting implementation
  • Coordination with publication ad networks or staff
  • Creative for ads
  • Click-thru-rate optimization
  • Landing pages module
  • Creative for landing pages
  • Conversion tracking with forms and custom phone numbers
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) or marketing automation software integration
  • Campaign management
  • Data analysis
  • Monthly reports and meetings to discuss findings, progress, and adjustments


Search Engines

When lead generation is a company’s primary goal, search engine ads—generally speaking—become the most important marketing medium, although search engines do meet other marketing goals as well. Search engines aim to meet a user at his or her point of need, producing more engaged users than one might find in other advertising networks. Search ads enable companies to intercept user queries and satisfy user needs. BigWheel helps companies navigate the complex waters of search engine placements.

Social Media

Social media networks possess a wealth of knowledge on user identity and behavior. From date of birth to what one ate for dinner the previous evening, social media ads place advertisers in front of target demographic and interest groups with pinpoint accuracy. Although social media has, in some cases, both directly and indirectly increased company revenue (promotional offers through Groupon versus strong customer service), it more often builds brand awareness and strengthens customer engagement. Intimating the ideal customer with the company brand makes the step from not buying to buying a much shorter one.

Content Targeting

Content targeting traditionally has been the most used form of display advertising. Advertisers place banners on sites that meet certain keyword or keyword phrase criteria. For example, a car dealership targeting the phrase “Ford Focus” may show up on an automotive website with an article about the Ford Focus. This content targeting allows companies to place relevant content in front of interested users.


Remarketing, or retargeting, is an advertising method in which a user who previously visited a company site and left will see advertisements for that same company when visiting other sites in the future.  For example, after visiting and leaving a site that sells televisions, one may later visit the New York Times or other publication and see ads for televisions from the original site. Remarketing steers past website visitors back to the site in order to complete some action (i.e., to purchase, to submit information).

Audience Targeting

When users visit media publications, search engines, and other sites, the user characteristics and behavior are often collected and sold to data aggregators and ad networks. Ad networks will then serve ads to those users who meet a company’s target user behaviors, demographics, and interests groups. For example, someone searching for a particular car on Bing may see an ad for a car manufacturer or dealership when visiting a site in a particular retargeting ad network. This method, like social media ads, help companies whittle down ad impressions to the target audience.

Web Placements

In many cases, companies may desire to advertise on specific website. For example, a CPA firm wishes to advertising on a well-respected industry website, or a soft-drink manufacturer may wish to advertise on a movie-streaming network. Whether the publication is apart of an ad network or it requires manual advertising requests, BigWheel helps companies advertise on websites where customers are likely to engage a brand.