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"The Bride Link has been such an excellent way to connect with new clients. The redesigned website offers us a way to showcase our business in a way that is not only beautiful and easy to use, but most importantly easy for our brides and grooms to use. The Bride Link also gives us the ability to partner with other vendors to inspire and educate brides and grooms to give them the best day ever!"

--Marvyl Tricritti, Owner,
Team Wedding

Wedding inspiration is all about beautiful images, bold ideas, and building a support system of trusted vendors. The Bride Link combines all of the above, acting as an online one-stop-shop for brides and the teams that make their big day come to life. Serving the state of Tennessee, the site showcases all sizes and styles of nuptial shindigs. From bohemian barbeques to formal four course dinners, images and resources capture the dreamy vibes that come with turning a bride’s vision into a reality. Vendors are able to create their own custom pages, while potential clients can browse images, share content, check out exclusive discounts, book meetings, and more. The Bride Link doesn’t just provide access to tools, it builds a community—and a gorgeous one at that.

Connecting the Dots

Thanks to Pinterest, the wedding industry is growing more complex by the day. But most of the time, executing that “simple” DIY project isn’t as easy as it seems. Having a clutch team of vendors can take the stress out of planning the big event, enter: the Bride Link. When we sat down prior to redesigning the site, we discussed the need for a seamless way to connect vendors with brides, with each other, and with the broader wedding industry. Our approach focused on giving vendors the freedom to maintain their own personalities via a professional page, while providing brides with access to their services in a single, searchable location. This modern approach to planning also informed the aesthetics of the broader site, as well as the updated logo.

Happily Ever After

The new Bride Link features a refreshed logo that reflects both the modern and rustic feel of the brand. Lush greenery illustrations and an earthy color pallet provide a warm backdrop for featured photos and portfolios, while an open feel gives content plenty of space to breathe. But the real scene stealers are the vendor pages. With features including an interactive booking calendar, a spacious photo gallery, a social media feed, and more, vendors can easily provide clients with the information they need when they need it. Since the Bride Link’s business is 100% digital, we also developed a streamlined ecommerce platform so users can easily pay for and subscribe to page features and updates.

Services Provided
  • Design
  • Web Development
  • CMS Implementation
  • Logo Design

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