Google URL Tagging
January 29, 2014

Digital ads provide businesses with customer reach, leads, and sales.  If tagging didn’t exist, many companies would likely take a shotgun approach to buying ads—they would purchase as many as...

Test-Drive Software Programming Header Image
January 22, 2014

As part of DMG Bluegill’s commitment to constant improvement, we are implementing test-driven development into our software development process. Test-driven development, or TDD for short, flips...

YakityApp Custom Software
December 16, 2013

For more than five years, DMG Bluegill agency partner, Gigmark, has lead the way in dynamic business communication. Gigmark takes a mundane flash drive and transforms it into a customizeable and...

Google's Hummingbird
November 13, 2013

Image from...

Six Easy Ways to Integrate Social Media Graphic
November 6, 2013

Social media constantly proves itself to be one of the most important pieces of an integrated web strategy. From its influence in search engine marketing, to its great public relations...

Building a Better Email Marketing Campaign
October 30, 2013

At its core, email marketing is a system where a company delivers branded messages to consumers via email. For many companies, it’s been a vital part of the digital marketing mix since email...

DMG Bluegill's New Logo
October 16, 2013

Our new logo, called, “The Multiplier,” uses colors of both former companies, as well as simple geometric lines, to showcase our new services and a renewed commitment to process. 

New Sevier County Bank Mini-Site
September 20, 2013

DMG Bluegill is proud to announce the launch of Sevier County Bank's new story collection website, Over the past year, DMG Bluegill has...

DMG Bluegill Launches New Blog and Social Media Pages
September 11, 2013

DMG Bluegill has a confession to make. We’re hypocrites.
For years, DMGx and Bluegill Creative have preached the benefits of engaging with the community online. It’s a passion...

Social Media Integration
August 23, 2013

Social media advertising is a major force now. With Facebook registering an estimated billion users, and Twitter becoming an all-access 24/7 news source, it’s very obvious why.

In fact...

Hub and Spoke
May 15, 2013

If your business uses the digital medium to market itself, chances are it has many different entities floating around the web, say a company website, blog, YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter,...