The Real Real Website Screenshot
May 2, 2014

Premium consignment clothier, The Real Real, needed an elegant e-commerce site to showcase their dynamic product lines. With that in mind, BigWheel set out to develop a clean design that allowed...

Eric Berry's EB29 Mobile Application Screenshot
May 2, 2014

Kansas City Chiefs defensive back, Eric Berry, commissioned our team to create the ultimate fan experience on a mobile iOS app. Along with our partners, Gigmark Interactive, we designed "EB29,"...

Moomba Boats Website Screenshot
May 2, 2014

Moomba boats are designed and built to create a “no worries” outlook on the water. No worries describes Moomba characteristics like value, performance, reliability, fresh style and fun. Moomba....

AC Delco Custom Software Screenshot
May 2, 2014

AC Delco had a situation where they had grown rapidly, and their data was spread across many different systems. Users had a list of systems in which to try and find what they were looking for....

Knoxville Chamber Website Screenshot
April 25, 2014

The Knoxville Chamber of Commerce offers resources to local startups as well as regional corporations. In a partnership with the Chamber, BigWheel helped it redesign its outdated site. So, we...

Sevier County Bank's 1+1=6 Campaign
April 2, 2014

DMG Bluegill is proud to roll out the latest campaign for Sevier County Bank to collect battery donations for local firefighters. The 1+1=6 campaign recognizes that for every firefighter...

What Is Structured Data?
March 26, 2014

In the past few years, the world’s leading information source Google has been developing quite an ambitious project known as the Knowledge Graph. The Knowledge Graph attempts to map the...

March 17, 2014

It's nice when a plan comes together.

In a case of planets aligning, DMG Bluegill and Ackermann PR formed a strategic alliance this month. 

DMG Bluegill was formed last June...

Twitter Graphic
February 21, 2014

Ten years after its inception, Facebook is now more about avoiding overzealous family members than fostering Ivy League connections. The fact that so many businesses are obsessed with the idea...

DMG Bluegill ADDY Awards
February 21, 2014

This past weekend, marketing firms around the Knoxville area congregated over Budweisers and bowties to celebrate the the 49th annual Knoxville American Advertising Award Show. Informally known...

Old Spice Campaign
February 12, 2014

Unless you’re still living in 1986 like this family, you’ve noticed content marketing is all the rage these days. More and more,...

Google URL Tagging
January 29, 2014

Digital ads provide businesses with customer reach, leads, and sales.  If tagging didn’t exist, many companies would likely take a shotgun approach to buying ads—they would purchase as many as...