Core Ideology Sessions

Regardless of the industry, a few key communication principles apply to marketing. First, know yourself, your business, who you are, and who you’re not. Second, know your clients and what matters to them. Then develop and follow a plan for connecting with them. The key to success is not to skip step one. It’s not just what you do, but why you do it, that matters.

The first step in our process is often an off-site retreat. BigWheel works with our clients’ boards of directors and executive teams to develop their Core Values, Core Purpose, and Brand Promise – what we call the Core Ideology. In a fun, but intense, off-site retreat, we employ proven methods used by top performing organizations to build the core ideology of the company.

These items become the basis for all messaging and communication, internal and external. The team collects the information at the retreat and produces a concise, two-three page document outlining the organization’s core ideology. This is a living document, shared throughout the organization. Some clients even choose to publish on their walls for all employees to see. Learn about how we’ve transformed the culture and business of our clients.