Content and Inbound Marketing

Content is king.  From creative headlines and calls-to-action that intrigue visitors, to data-driven designs built to increase leads, everything hinges on having strong, relevant content.

By combining compelling content with distribution channels like social media, a blog, press releases, and email, potential customers can find, learn about, and connect with a brand. 

Because you are the expert in your industry, BigWheel views content creation as a strategic partnership, working together on research, editorial revisions, and style. Mixing your expertise with our Internet know-how produces exceptional results.

The sections below outline the content and inbound marketing services provided by BigWheel.

Search Engine Optimization

In recent times, SEO has been tainted by online marketers attempting to cheat search engine guidelines and the accompanying guru’s who make bold and empty promises about search engine performance. BigWheel takes a user-first approach, by which quality content created for human beings—not search engine crawlers—not only boosts organic search traffic to the site but draws the right traffic. 

This content lives on an optimized website with appropriate META data, properly tagged images, structured data, friendly URL structures, quick load times, and more. BigWheel’s work begins with an SEO audit that examines the performance of the site in addition to a benchmark report that measures current SEO metrics. The audit will outline the SEO strategy and tactical elements to be carried out. Each month, a report will evaluate organic search engine performance, recount tasks completed in the previous month, and map out task to be completed in the future.

  • Audit and planning
    • Comprehensive analysis
    • State of the union review
    • Review of on-site factors
    • Competitor analysis
    • Backlinking profile
    • Defining key metrics
    • Keyword research
  • On-page optimization
    • Proper META data, hyperlinks and title tags, alt images tags, and canonical tags
    • Strategic keyword placement
    • Build and implement sitemaps
    • Proper robots.txt file
    • Microformats, structured data, and rich snippets (i.e., for Google)
    • Social media integration
    • Limit use of javascript, iFrames, and flash
    • Appropriate word count and keyword frequency review
    • Blog integration
    • 404 errors and 301 redirect management
    • Google analytics
  • Off-page optimization
    • Directory submissions
    • Strategic, white-hat link building
    • Social media optimization

Blogging, Content Generation, and Editing

The highest driver of organic search engine traffic is high quality content. In this digital age, a company’s website be more than an online brochure. Rather, companies should think of themselves as publishers. As today’s Internet users become more and more skeptical of sales-like and gimmicky language, useful and authoritative content can go a long way in building consumer trust. What’s more, web copy develops a brand voice and style, further differentiating itself amongst its competitors. 

The BigWheel’s typical approach to content combines several web genres: (1) utility—to help potential and current customers with products and services, (2) thought leadership—to differentiate a company’s brand from competitors, (3) culture—to represent the human side of the brand, (4) news—to keep readers up-to-date, and (5) creative—to increase the chances of reader redistribution on other sites and social media. By no means do these genres encompass all content types that BigWheel helps create but rather highlights common strategies. 

BigWheel begins by developing a content calendar with the client in order to map out content strategies, topics, parameters (i.e., word count), content type (i.e., video versus blog), and responsibilities (i.e., due dates and authorship). From there, the content calendar is implemented and later analyzed for the most effective content types and strategies. 

  • Keyword research
  • Subject-matter and industry research
  • Content calendar
  • Content generation
    • Web pages
    • Blog posts 
    • Landing pages 
    • Social media posts 
    • Press releases
    • Video and/or audio scripts
  • Content curation training
  • Editorial assistance

Social Media

Over the last decade, social media has quickly become the pulse of the world. Facebook alone has 1.23 billion users and continues to grow. A company may use social media to increase sales, build a community, play a public relations role, develop customer loyalty, provide customer service, among many other strategies. BigWheel specializes in social media strategy as part of an overall digital marketing focus. BigWheel understands that with a growing number of social media platforms and ways to connect online, it can be confusing to know where an audience is and how to speak to them. 

BigWheel assists clients with social media by incorporating it into the overall digital and content strategy and by either managing social media accounts on behalf of the client or assisting the client to use social. 

  • Customer behavior research
  • Strategy and planning (i.e., deciding on platforms, voice, focus)
  • Account creation
  • Creative for account pages and social media posts
  • Account management and maintenance
  • Content creation and scheduling
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Training and consultation 

Email Marketing

Email marketing provides a great alternative, or supplement, to direct mail campaigns in addition to supporting other marketing campaigns. Besides, when drumming up news sales, it is easiest to turn to past customers and email subscribers. For brand awareness and sales touch points, emails keep a company in the minds of current and potential customers. BigWheel can configure emails for newsletters, eblasts, or one-on-one emails and keep tabs on the activity and interests of readers. 

  • Custom email templates (mobile friendly)
  • Content generation
  • Creative for content
  • Email list building
  • Email list cleaning
  • Send-time optimization
  • Reporting and analysis

Third-Party Distribution

Building great websites and developing great content are just part of the battle when building high quality web traffic and leads. If that content is not read by potential customers or does not turn into new business, a great website with great content will not do a company very much good. And social media and email marketing are just a couple of distribution strategies for sharing content with the world. In fact, many other distribution channels are just as necessary to ensure high quality traffic. BigWheel may employ the following to position content to the most appropriate readers and, thus, drive the right traffic to the target website: 

  • Industry/trade publications
  • Web directories
  • Press release wires (i.e.,
  • Video repositories (i.e., Vimeo)
  • Audio repositories (i.e., SoundCloud) 
  • Presentation repositories (i.e., SlideShare) 
  • PDF Repositories (i.e., Scrib’d)
  • News publications