Website Design and Development

Ritchie - Powersports Accessories

Ritchie Power Gear
The Client

Ritchie Powersports has built a reputation for delivering the finest ATVs, UTVs, and accessories. The firm's strategic plan called for long-term growth through leveraging the potential opportunities available through the online sale of accessories.

The Challenge

Buying a new or even pre-owned ATV or UTV is a big purchase. Ritchie is dedicated to providing the right vehicle to its loyal customers along with the components to make it their own. Ritchie Powersports has bold ambitions to disrupt the powersports eCommerce space. 

This message and functionality were missing from their former site, so BigWheel built a new eCommerce solution that captures the powersports dreams of Ritchie's customers based on their enthusiasts-for-enthusiasts approach.

The Solution

The new site directs visitors to accessories for their specific model, allowing them to build the perfect ride. 

The project also included modernizing the Ritchie corporate identity – logo and branding language, to better align the site's messaging with Ritchie's core values. Together these elements convey Ritchie's commitment to helping their customers build the ultimate ride. 

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