Custom Software


Marines Custom Software Screenshot

When the U.S. Marines call asking for a media delivery system, you drop and give ‘em 20. The U.S. Marines deployed a custom Gigmark Interactive Flash Drive™ (IFD) at a recent event, the "Educators’ Workshop." From bases in Paris Island and San Diego, Marine recruiters sought high school counselors from around the country for a week-long bootcamp. 

Services Provided
  • App Design
  • Gigmark IFD
  • CMS
  • Tracking, Reporting and Analytics
  • Product Design

The experience gave educators a taste of Marine life and highlighted career opportunities within the Corps. As campers shipped out, Marine recruiters armed each with an Interactive Flash Drive™ (IFD) in the shape of a dog tag, complete with the week’s photos and videos to show at home and in the classroom. With this marketing tool, the Marines’ recruiting message continued to be shared long after the bootcamp immersion concluded.

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