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Bride Link

Wedding Inspiration

Client Overview

Wedding inspiration is all about beautiful images, bold ideas, and building a support system of trusted vendors. Bride Link acts as an online one-stop-shop for brides and vendors alike. Vendors can create their own virtual storefront, while brides are able to browse and build the wedding team of their dreams. We partnered with the Bride Link to design and develop their completely digital business. 

Connecting the Dots

Bride Link needed a seamless way to connect vendors with brides, with each other, and with the broader wedding industry. Our approach focused on giving vendors the freedom to maintain their own personalities via a professional page, while providing brides with access to their services in a single, searchable location. In addition to refreshing the look and feel of the site, we also developed a streamlined ecommerce platform so users can conveniently pay for and subscribe to page features and updates.

Web Design & Interface Design Example - image of Bride Link homepage
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  • E-Commerce Platform Development
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BigWheel's web design process - images of wireframes

Web Design

Web Design Example - image of BrideLink's new website
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