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Rio 2016 Olympics header image
05 Aug

Why We Love the Rio 2016 Website

Here at the BigWheel office, we’re stoked about the Rio 2016 games starting later this afternoon, but we had our geek-out moment over the NBC Olympics website earlier this week. Using the CMS Drupal, this website showcases the flexibility and endless possibilities of the platform that allows us to build some of our best websites.

Drupal is one our favorites for a number of reasons. For one, Drupal is used by an open-source community that produces modules for developing highly functional and unique websites. These building blocks help designers and developers to tailor a website to the user's needs.

This community allows Drupal websites to be intimately interactive and boundlessly creative by breaking from one-function features that lack unique style and user experience.

An event like the Olympics warrants a unique approach. With so many different events being streamed in various venues and stadiums, it is important that the platform is flexible enough for designers to craft a custom interface for fans seeking a particular sport.

Like, BigWheel recently celebrated the launch of a high-function custom Drupal website for IMSA, or the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA). With several racing series that feature events around the world, IMSA needed to deliver its content and live footage for fans at home or on the go.