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21 Nov

What We've Been up To: IMSA and Disney

Created by: 
Emilee Delaisse

We’re always hard at work, but the past few months have been particularly crazy at BigWheel HQ. From gearing up for the holidays to developing exciting new applications, our team has been heads down making a difference for clients. Before we stuff our faces with turkey, here’s a peek at what we’ve been up to.

Custom App Development

Traction for IMSA

The International Motor Sport Association (IMSA), sanctions races all over North America, providing hours upon hours of video content for their fan base. Although IMSA’s high-performance website can handle the 51,000 to 91,000 hours per month of video currently played, fans only had one medium to watch the races.

That’s where Roku comes in. Using the IMSA site as a foundation, we developed a Roku app to maximize their content and allow fans to stream races onto their TVs. Although, the app launched after the end of the IMSA season in October, it still garnered thousands of downloads. The app is live in the app store ready for the 2018 season to begin in January.

Custom Web Development

The Axis of Quizzes

With a new app, new branding, and a new look, Disney needed a way to consolidate all of their 70-plus quizzes into one place. To solve the problem, our ace team built a landing page that matched the design and integrated with Disney’s analytics. With at least one new quiz every week, and on average, more than 50,000 people taking each unique Disney quiz, meant the landing page would need to be able to handle high amounts of traffic.