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12 Jul

What Comes First: Marketing or Sales?

Let’s face it: You can’t get around the budget conversation. It’s an essential part of moving forward with any successful business partnership. At BigWheel, we always try to get a solid idea of your budget early on. That way, we can talk viability and land on a number that works for everyone. When you have a tight marketing budget, it’s difficult putting money toward your desired tactics. Bottom line: You can’t spend money without some profit coming in from another source.

Let’s Play the Number Game

When we ask about your budget, it’s never a trick. By talking through your budget concerns, it provides a way to focus on the marketing priorities for your ROI.

The next part of the discussion involves getting into goals. Who are you? Where do you want to be? How do you conduct business? What do you need? These basic questions allow us to provide the right service for you. After all, you’re the expert in your field. Not us. I’ve been in situations with clients where, after considering their needs, our team will advise not to go a specific route because it’s not what they need. We’ll always try to put a pause on the “wants” if there are specific budget concerns. It’s a matter of phasing out additional wishes for down the road.

Progress Over Pennies

We aren’t penny pushers—our creative team works for your benefit. So talk with us! Tell us your ideas, concerns, and organizational limits. The more information we have, the better your final product will be.

That being said, if you decide you do need to focus your initial efforts on sales, you can utilize a handful of fantastic free tools to increase your brand awareness, which will hopefully increase your sales. Check these out to help boost your visual marketing efforts, and then let’s chat!


Canva - Create both digital and print designs for blog graphics, presentations, social media images, flyers, posters, invitations and more

Hootsuite - Manage your social media marketing efforts from a single dashboard - Templates for reports, timelines, resumes, ideas, and more that help make these concepts into powerful visuals

Pexels - Free stock photos