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14 Aug

Wellness Trends 2018: Self-Care Is What Your Company Is Missing

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Meghan Echols

Name a single industry that hasn’t been influenced by the self-care trend. According to the Oxford Dictionary, self-care is defined as “the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one's own health.” There are several facets of health, including physical, emotional, environmental, and more. In recent years, the self-care sector has greatly matured.

Consumers seek natural, clean, no bullshit products and experiences (thanks Gen Y and Gen Z for these advances). And, in a world where technology enhances the accessibility of wellness, the trend is experiencing an increase in demand. The top digital platforms in 2016 for healthcare information were search engines and medical websites -- with even YouTube and Facebook gaining popularity. Source: Nielsen

Over the past few years, the healthcare industry has adopted a more proactive approach. Behaviors around daily routines and spending habits have transformed the way companies create and design products. In fact, the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) shares that the global wellness industry grew by 10.6% from 2013 to 2015. Companies have taken note of the increase in demand and answered with innovative solutions. 

The future of healthcare costs is both unknown and terrifying, and consumers are looking to take control of their own bodies with “alternative and preventative health measures.” Monitored Google searches for “self-care” reached a five-year high after the 2016 U.S. election (Source: Mintel). There’s a concern for whole body self-care, and consumers will focus on well-being including yoga, medication, and exercise, which will be “even more sought-after antidote for an increasingly over-connected chaotic world.” (Source: GWI)

All types of organizations are bleeding (no pun intended) into the wellness industry. It may not have reached you yet, but it’s coming (cue: the JAWS soundtrack). 


With leafy greens turning into chips and cauliflower transforming into gluten-free pizza crust, the culinary arts and food service industries are two of the biggest sectors affected by healthier trends. 

Euphebe - The mission of Euphebe? Change how America eats. The healthcare company, a combination of 'You’ll Feel Better' and 'Euphoria,' pairs a month of prepped food with a personal food coach. In a world where people barely have time to grocery shop, Euphebe is one of the leaders in building a plant-based plan supported by online nutritional coaching via a mobile app. 

Nanoosh Mediterranean - Nourishing the body may have been one of the first tasks on Nanoosh’s list, but it quickly became a staple that’s spread throughout their sustainability efforts, employees, and partnerships. Even their environment is made for the health-conscious consumer who walks through their doors crafted from “curving maple wood panels, green tiling, and dramatic glass light fixtures artfully filled with dried chickpeas.” (Source: NY Magazine)


Based on a 2016 survey, 50% of travelers between ages 20 and 38 base their hotel decision on access to a gym and exercise classes (Source: JWT Intelligence). Taking it a step further, some brands are amping up their wellness initiatives to include all-access fitness classes from your room; beds with eucalyptus fiber bedding; and more. 

EVEN - Designed to help guests stay focused on their wellness while traveling, these hotels offer a top-notch athletic studio, in-room training zones, and group classes for exercise fiends. For laid-back guests, the hotels preach “a restful environment is essential to staying balanced, as well as comfortable, natural spaces and eco-friendly products to chill out or get recharged completely stress-free.” 

WESTIN - Hearing the need from their guests, WESTIN launched runWESTIN, providing three- and file-mile run routes for individuals and group runs led by the hotel’s Run Concierge at 100% of their properties. The hotel chain partnered with New Balance, which also gives guests the opportunity to rent running shoes and gear (hello, luggage room saver). Taking it a step further, WESTIN also launched their Wellness Escapes, workshops and classes led by experts in the fields of meditation, nutrition, yoga, running, and more. 

SoulCycle - You would typically find this indoor spinning studio as a standalone, but the brand now has an in-hotel Miami studio at 1 Hotel South Beach. 


Well, of course “duh,” but the technology and solutions for needs are brilliant. 

Care/of Vitamins - Remember the last time you walked into a vitamin store or down the vitamin aisle of your local grocery store? Can you say, overwhelming? Care/of and similar companies hear you! Care/of offers customized vitamin pack solutions determined by an algorithm. The first step involves taking a five-minute or less questionnaire, which gives you immediate results backed by why specific vitamins are recommended for you. For instance, I took the questionnaire, needed support for skin (Astaxanthin), joints (Fish Oil), and bones (Calcium Plus). It goes straight to your “box” where you can view your plan and investment before checking out. Feedback from a skeptic like me: It’s easy, fast, and has research backing each vitamin. 

mindmaze - For those who have suffered a stroke or serious brain injury resulting in necessary upper limb neurorehabilitation, mindmaze offers a virtual reality experience to improve recovery. It’s “designed to motivate and engage patients’ participation in active therapy and help increase their rehabilitation dose.” It also gamifies the experience, helping recovery be a bit more fun.  

UBER Health - This is simple, but brilliant. Specifically designed for healthcare organizations, Uber created a dashboard for scheduling health appointments and coordinating with the rideshare company's drivers. The service allows patients to get to their appointments on time, let’s healthcare organizations check-in on patients' trip statuses, and is HIPAA compliant. Patients don’t even need to use memory on their phone to download the app -- everything is between UBER and their healthcare provider. 


I get it: It's demanding to stay fit. However, if you look beyond the typical sweat sessions, there are more experiences popping up for niche markets. 

Happy Face Yoga - After your regular exercise routine (or lack thereof), add facial yoga into the mix. Facial yoga improves wrinkles without the use of applying creams, oils, Botox, etc. According to a study through Northwestern Medicine, a group of 40 to 65 aged women were tested after completing 30-minute exercises/day over 20 weeks. After 4,200 minutes of work, improvements were very positive.

MNDFL - This NYC meditation space features living plant walls made of moss, ferns, and lichen. The space says plants “have been shown to boost our moods and increase our focus, productivity and creativity. They can reduce the stress of our daily lives and give us a sense of calmness.” Not only is MNDFL a brick-and-mortar space, it also offers company packages to “transform your company” in one of three ways: employees go to MNDFL’s space, MNDFL’s instructors come to your office, or MNDFL can helps build a medication space for your office. 


Will You - Led by the Willpower Guru Angelique Meadow, Will You aims to increase self-awareness, boost empowerment, and strengthen willpower so clients can apply their energy to fulfilling their dreams, destiny, and conscience. Meadow invites all clients to listen, quiet down, and take ownership of their health and joy. Her services include one-on-one sessions, group workshops, and large-scale speaking engagements.

The Health Factory - Combining like-minded businesses to support like-minded consumers, The Health Factory mixes chiropractic services, crossfit classes, and nutrition (cooking classes, nutrition coaches, and meals). 

Clean Eatz - The chain eatery is owned by two health junkies who know a thing or two about food prep. Clean Eatz offers meal planning, as well as a grab-and-go option for reheating when you don’t have time to cook a balanced dinner. The restaurant also offers a spacious area for those who want to dine-in. 

Is your business taking advantage of the self-care trend? It’s not going away, so hop on-board now.