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26 Mar

Welcome to the BigWheel Marketing Team

Created by: 
Meghan Echols

Over the last few months, our Knoxville agency had the opportunity to hire new marketing team members. We want to take the time to introduce you to them, as you’ll either be seeing them in meetings... or playing against them on our ping pong table if you’re in our office.



Ten-year-old Kervie originally wanted to be a comic book artist (other backup plans included an FBI agent or professional athletic trainer). Though those didn't quite pan out, he still found himself in the design field. He's been working #agencylife since earning his degree and has tons of experience with both traditional and digital design projects.

Since joining BigWheel, Kervie has brought a fresh perspective to the team via organizational workflows, marketing ideas, and even a collaborative Spotify playlist. He says he was drawn to BigWheel because "They presented a unique opportunity to work with a diverse list of clients and challenging design work. Plus, they had a kick-ass group of experts that had a great sense of humor and enjoyed working with each other. The impressive office was also a big selling point."

Kervie is an amazing asset to our team!


project manager


Meet Katie - our newest project manager extraordinaire! Katie comes to us with a background in project managing multi-national firms and teams. You better believe she has top-notch organizational skills, and will most likely be organizing all of our organization's organizational skills soon.

At BigWheel, Katie is excited about the opportunity to focus and drive large-scale projects while putting her passion for creative problem-solving to use in an agency environment.

Katie is a doer and a maker. Not only does she have marketing prowess, but she also uses her creativity after hours. Check out her pottery business when you get a chance: Walton Farm Pottery.


marketing intern


Charlie (also known as Charles/Chuck/Chuckles/Chuckie.. you get the picture) has been interning with us since the beginning of the spring semester. A rockstar at UTK, he focuses on advertising and marketing strategy in our digital department, while also helping out where he can.

With big dreams of coaching his future kids' soccer team (call our office line, ladies), Charlie knows he needs to have his priorities in order -- which is why he's laser-focused on his next career move into a small-to-midsized agency.

At BigWheel, he's excited about learning new skills and tackling challenges while having fun. His endless energy (dry humor, really) keeps us entertained, in addition to his dog's personal Instagram account.


website developer


Colin joins the BigWheel team with years of experience at agencies and startups. His expertise with new technologies and workflow philosophies will make a huge impact for our clients, along with his desire to dig into a project from the ground up!

We knew immediately that Colin was a great fit for the BigWheel culture, too! He loves the outdoors, especially after sitting in front of a computer all day - exercise, rock climbing, and hiking are his favorite activities. But his favorite pastime? Spending time with his wife and kiddos.


website developer


An experienced electrician, Colin approached BigWheel with one goal - to learn. For the past year, this self-starter has been teaching himself HTML and CSS. As a junior developer, Colin is excited to learn hands-on... there's no better way! This guy's approach to life is refreshing, as Colin always tries to have "an open mind and a willing set of hands.

He's going to go far, and we're excited to join him on his digital journey!


website developer


Nicole joins our team as a front-end developer as she's working towards her master's degree in computer science (go girl!). When asked why she joined BigWheel, Nicole says, "Bigwheel has a good reputation with customers and always maintains a higher standard of quality. I'm excited to work with the team that cares about their quality of work." For the accounts she's been a part of thus far, her work ethic is remarkable.

Fun fact, she once went hunting for Big Foot. We've yet to see proof...


marketing content strategist


With backgrounds in both agency and client-side content marketing, Justin joins the BigWheel ranks as our Content Specialist. He breathes life into campaigns alongside his teammates, helping to define goals, write content, manage budgets, and improve ROI. We are so excited for our clients to have him on board!

We bet you didn't know he would still consider being an astronaut (it's never too late, Justin). You can catch him around town shredding on guitar in "terrible bar bands," as Justin says, but he loves it. And, we do what we love around here!