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09 Apr

Seeking Adventure for All Generations

Created by: 
Meghan Echols

Little Arrow Outdoor Resort is the newest place to get away in the foothills of the Smokies. Previously known as Tremont Outdoor Resort, the property’s new owners decided to revamp the way people rest their heads from the ground up. Offering everything from renovated cabins that can accommodate up to 14 guests to brand-new tiny homes, Little Arrow has something for everyone.

What else is different about the resort? Other than all of the upgrades (renovated cabins, a new playground, a café area,  a dog park, a pool slide.. shall I go on?), Little Arrow is one of the few establishments in East Tennessee you can go glamping. Yes … glamping. The glamorous art of tent camping has now become a trendy attraction. Though not a new idea, Little Arrow is one of the first Smoky Mountain destinations that provides multiple glamping tent sites on its grounds.

“Our goal for Little Arrow is to give opportunities to families across generations to experience the outdoors and make memories with the comforts of home,” explains co-owners Michelle Clayton and Carmen Simpher.

Wilderness Meets Gen Z

Camping has been a treasured activity for generations, but Generation Z is shaking up this outdoor tradition. Gen Z, born in 1995 or later, came into the world with technology at their fingertips. They’ve become digital and social experts by the time they hit their tweens!

How will Little Arrow keep up? For all intents and purposes, let’s generalize this group:


Though Gen Z will take the time to discover the wilderness, they may not be able to leave their phones behind. Located next to the Little River, Little Arrow will have a community café and hiking trails on-site. There’s even talk that Little Arrow may partner with a local photographer in the future to provide classes for those interested in nature photography. Because if you can’t Snap it or “Gram” it, did it actually happen?


For the generation that multitasks, visitors have the option of taking their pup to the dog park, floating down the river, sliding into the pool, or grabbing a sweet treat all within minutes.

We wonder what would happen if we gave a Gen Z a map and a compass, and said, “go.” Or, maybe we should just give them an iPad with Google maps. Either way, parents can stay poolside for some relaxation time.


Little Arrow’s owners kept in mind the need for the resort to communicate to its guests. They plan on having an app that will relay any camp news, daily activities, area news, and more. We’ll be sure to let them know communication needs to include emojis.

Needless to say, Little Arrow is THE trendiest spot to go glamping, pull your RV through, rent a cabin, and more. The grand opening is planned for April 27 and all—Baby Boomers to Gen Zers—are welcome to join for a fun-filled day of activities! Learn more at