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22 Nov

Quanity vs. Quality in Content Creation

Content, Content, Content.

It’s the best way to market yourself online, but should you post informal content three times a day or knock the socks off of people once each month? With popular marketing content sites like Hubspot churning 3 to 5 pieces of content a day, on the one hand, and YETI spending massive amounts of money on a handful of stories and videos about their products, on the other, it's difficult to see which approach maximizes success.

You can certainly find reasonable cases on both sides of the argument. Some say that consistently posting tons of content (quantity) is the most important way to drive traffic to your website. Others say that if you don’t build content that demonstrates significant effort and value (quality), consumers will doubt that you have their best interests at heart.

While you should strive for both, the size and nature of your business may require you to focus on one and sacrifice the other. By this post’s end, you should be able to make informed decisions about your content depth and frequency as it pertains to your business needs.

A Case for Quantity

The experts post a lot of content everyday for a reason. Assuming people respond favorably, publishing lots of content will keep people sharing and coming back, and search engines will notice. However, even the experts run into dry spells. With so many people rushing to push content, consumers are often burned out or disappointed by shallow content with a formulaic title.

A good example of appropriate, high-frequency posting may be found in the Little River Outfitters fishing report. Content is posted everyday, because fishing conditions in the Smoky Mountains change everyday. It’s certainly informal, but it’s friendly, personal, and helpful, so it perfectly fits Little River Outfitters’ business needs.

Why You Should Probably Go for Quality

I’m sure you saw this coming. Everyone wants quality over quantity. If you really put in effort and dedicate talent to making useful and interesting content, then people will come back to you not only with specific questions, but also for new ideas and inspiration to solve problems.

By meeting these needs, your quality content will build trust, demonstrate your expertise in the subject and enhance your reputation among those consuming your content. However, you should post more than once a month. If you post often and consistently, you’re followers will know when to expect new and exciting content.

What is quality? While that is incredibly subjective, you could roughly chart out the most effort and time with the level of quality. For example, content that displays data over a long period of time with an attractive presentation will create exceptional content that will be shared.

Well-crafted content is usually:

  • Rich in compelling imagery
  • Interactive
  • Emotion provoking
  • Transparent
  • Challenging of convention
  • Encouraging 

What We Do

Every business necessitates a unique approach. At BigWheel, we publish content twice a week. For us, this fits well into our digital strategy. It’s no secret that we build websites, and it’s how we usually begin a relationship with our clients. A business website requires additional marketing support by way of branding, print design, digital marketing, etc.

Through this MO, we gain the trust of a client as they grow their business and give us the privilege of doing more work for them. This also positions us to be a resource, both with our people and our content. We aspire to build our content for quality over quantity while covering a broad spectrum of topics that would serve the small- to medium-sized business. Our content plainly gives ways to improve a business’ digital strategy with everyday applications. By building these resources, we build trust with our clients to continue using our services while standing to make new business through organic search, social media shares, and good ol’ referrals.

What You’re Going to Do

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a part of a smaller operation that lacks an entire team just for blogging and content generation. You’re probably also wondering about the value of content and how much time and resources should be dedicated to it.

Content is a powerful tool, and a little bit of soul searching will show you what your customers will truly want and what balance between quality and quantity that you can achieve. Find your audience, anticipate their questions, interests, and problems, and create something that they can be excited and intrigued about, regularly.