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14 Sep

Productivity Tricks From Team BigWheel

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Meghan Echols

There are days when you... just can’t. We get it—it happens to us, too. Work ebbs and flows, and when we’re in the middle of projects, waiting on clients to get back to us with approvals or feedback, we have to keep pushing on other items. We realize you can scope the web and find “5 Great Tips for Staying on Task,” but where's the fun in that? Here’s how our team stays on target:

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1. Dan Alton, Creative Director

I’m a big believer in lists. I start a new list every Monday with both work and personal tasks for the week. I also write a smaller list every day. There’s something rewarding about marking things off. This ties into BigWheel’s daily huddle with the team, which is also a good motivator. I have a few sayings: “If you think it, ink it.” And, “If you want it to happen, put it on the calendar or it won’t.”

2. Colin Carson, Digital Marketing specialist

Staying motivated on a Friday afternoon or on a beautiful day can be a struggle. However, there are a few things that I like to do to keep me both productive and sane. If the weather's great, I tend to embrace it. With our office location, I can take a 15-minute walk along the river. When I get back from my walk, I'm more refreshed and willing to tackle the next item on my to-do list. If it's a Friday afternoon or just one of those days where it's tough to get into a groove, I'll deliberately pick one item on my “Wunderlist” and make sure I accomplish that. It's easy to get overwhelmed with emails, lengthy to-do lists, and long-term projects that are in the back of your mind. But when I pick one item and stick to it, I find myself more in a groove by the time I complete that task.

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3. Meghan Echols, Account/Project Manager

Remaining productive can be hard, but it’s the effectiveness that you have to remember. Occasionally, I have to remind myself to “be present.” I’m constantly thinking ahead to other items or tasks on my plate. Especially if I’m in internal meetings, I’m always multitasking. Though this increases efficiency, it could also decrease the effectiveness of what I’m working on—it happens to anyone! I tell myself to be present and try to shut down all of the other things I’m thinking about to focus on the project or conversation at hand.

4. Kyle Foulks, senior webiste Developer

Thankfully, we have a daily team stand up where each person relays the work they’ve done, are doing, and any obstacles in the way. This time is for any quick questions or updates on various accounts. However, it’s natural that people will throw something random at you. And sometimes, there are days when I have multiple random tasks. To keep myself focused, I’ll write the task down, and keep moving down my checklist while listening to music or podcasts.

5. Carey Hodges, Content Strategist & Copywriter

My biggest productivity killer is getting stuck on a single task. As a writer, it’s easy to let coming up with the perfect catchphrase or creating the best social media post take way longer than it should. On days when I’m feeling less than creative, it can quickly turn into a downward spiral of looking at the clock, typing then deleting, then looking at the clock again. Pretty soon, I feel defeated and drained—and the entire morning or afternoon is shot. I’ve learned to give myself permission to save tricky tasks for another day. Some days, I’m just not feeling it … and that’s OK. Plus, if I move on to something new, I usually experience a jolt of creativity just by switching gears.

6. Lori Robbins, senior Designer

The easiest way for me stay focused is to ignore my surroundings and keep my blinders on—knowing that when I get my work done I can go home and enjoy what's left of the afternoon or weekend. There’s nothing magical about this procedure, just a sense of rewarding myself after the job is done.