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09 May

POLL: Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich?

You may notice a recurring theme around the watercooler here at BigWheel.  We like food.  We like food so much, that it's often the heart of some of our fiercest in-office debates.  Last month, we asked you to help us decide which doughnut king had the best doughnuts and it really just continued to fuel our debate with Krispy Kreme taking 52% of the votes.  There was even talk about foul play with the voting among Dunkin' lovers.  We had just enough time to recover from that debate and celebrate at our annual Cinco De Mayo party.  There did arise a small argument over hard shell versus soft shell tacos, however, for the most part the team along with our clients, partners and friends had a blast at the party.  Stay tuned for lots of pictures!

We had a well-needed restful weekend, but came into the office with dreams of spring and summer which naturally lead to a discussion about one of our favorite summer foods, hot dogs.  Whether you like it plain or with everything you can possibly fit on it, you have to ask yourself this question at some point: Is a Hot Dog a sandwich?

Well, is it?