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14 Jun

NEC Transforms the Travel Experience

What if you could pop into the airport, breeze through security, and board your flight—all without waiting in massive lines? Oh, and getting held up at security in stadiums? That’d be a thing of the past, too. A global leader in information and communications technology, NEC is developing solutions that make these dreams a reality. The organization delivers advanced recognition systems to international corporations, federal government agencies, local law enforcement, and everything in between. By leveraging cutting-edge biometric solutions (think: advanced video surveillance, lightning-fast fingerprint and face matching, retina scans, and more), NEC partners with clients to serve citizens and the people who protect them.

NEC came to us looking for assistance with their website, print materials, corporate communications, and more. With multiple mind-blowing solutions, the organization needed a way to streamline their brand across verticals. We worked hand-in-hand with NEC's internal marketing team to strategize and deliver a refreshed marketing presence via content, design, and more. We also assisted the team in creating a new headline and tagline for a major division!

So next time you’re stuck shuffling through airport security, know that there’s a headache-free future in store.