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22 Mar

Learn How PPC and SEO Work Together


Investing in a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign will not solely get your website to rank higher, but it also creates an indirect impact on organic search results. It is a common myth that Google will award its advertisers with higher organic rankings by paying more for ads. Investing in a cohesive digital marketing campaign is the best way to get the most coverage for a website. PPC and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) support each other, so both strategies should be utilized for optimum results.



  1. Branding in Search Results Leads to More Clicks

    SEO is more of a slow-burn tactic. It is an important practice to always utilize on a website since search engine algorithms are ever changing, but it takes months to see results. PPC gets you immediate visibility in search results with your brand’s message. This visibility helps searchers start to associate your website with their search query. They will also be much more likely to click on your site organically if they have already seen an ad for your website.

  2. PPC Data Helps On Page Optimization

    Google Ads and Google Analytics provide advertisers with data about who the users are and how they interact with your site. This information is invaluable when learning who to target for PPC, but it also helps with SEO. A common tactic for using PPC data for SEO is to narrow down ads with the highest conversion rates and use the headlines from those ads for page titles on the website. These titles lead to high conversion and click-through-rates, which is essential for helping a page rank organically. Google wants to provide searchers with the best results possible, and click-through-rates are one way Google can determine that your website is right for the searcher’s query.

    Google Ads also provides data about how well certain keywords perform for your site. The higher quality keywords are perfect to utilize in content on your website and will help with organic rankings and tweak existing keywords to match what users are seeking.

  3. Paid Clicks Lead to More User Engagement

    Paid ads show up above organic search results so searchers see your ad before organic results. If your website doesn’t rank on page one then this is a quick workaround to get your website in front of searchers. Many advertisers love to couple paid ads with websites that rank on page one because it helps a website dominate search results, leading to more clicks. Either way, more clicks leads to users making meaningful interactions. Linking to a website and sharing on social media helps boost organic rankings. The data that comes from users interacting with your site also helps determine which pages need to be optimized. For example, if a page has a high bounce rate, you may need to rethink the content. Reworking content with PPC keywords that already rank well can help lower your bounce rate, which helps with your ranking.


BigWheel Digital Marketing Protip

Make sure that your agency or in-house digital marketing team have SEO and PPC specialists working on each campaign. SEO and PPC go hand-in-hand, so getting everyone on the same page is the best way to efficiently create the most effective campaign.

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