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JTV's Jewelry Loves Style Quiz
27 Apr

JTV’S Jewelry Loves Style Quiz

As the largest retailer of loose gemstones and one of the top four electronic jewelry retailers in the United States, Jewelry Television knows what it means to love Jewelry. They also know that your unique jewelry style can empower the way you live.

That is why we partnered with the JTV team to develop an interactive quiz that allowed users to determine their Jewelry Love style. Not only did this allow customers to quickly identify products that fit their particular style, but JTV was able to continue to market to those users based on their preferred style.

Participants navigated through a variety of questions that had them choose which accessories best fit their style and, based on their choices, were shown their style. Each style landing page presented a specific collection users could shop from and a coupon for 15% off.


Over 50,000 unique participants came to find their Jewelry love style and generated more than 300,000 interactions. In addition, JTV was able to follow up with email marketing campaigns that targeted users’ specific styles.