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It's Time to Start at SquareOne

Headaches, weight gain, that mysterious 3 p.m. crash … with today’s jam-packed schedules, it can be tough to treat—let alone prevent—annoying aches and pains. Nevermind that all of the wellness advice floating around can be downright confusing. Thankfully, Knoxville’s newest personalized restorative health practitioners are offering some relief. Say hello to SquareOne.

The brainchild of the folks behind the trusted team at Tennessee Sports Medicine Group, SquareOne is a whole-body practice that takes the latest cutting-edge treatments (think: bio-identical hormone therapy, cellular detox, hydration therapy, nutritional guidance, and more), offers them in the same state-of-the-art facility, and delivers a group of healthcare professionals dedicated to working together for you. At SquareOne, the goal is to always start at the cellular level to determine what your system needs to work best.

We partnered with SquareOne to build their brand from the ground up, starting with coming up with the actual name. From there, we helped with everything from designing portions of the space (it’s pretty gorgeous, right?) to building a new website to creating the core messaging behind the business.

Ready to look and, most importantly, feel your best? Check out the team at SquareOne.

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