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Intern Corner: Why Seattle Should Be on Your Bucket List

For many Knoxvillians, Seattle brings to mind images of rain, coffee, and the Space Needle. While these are all accurate, there is so much more to the great city. OK,  I grew up in North Seattle so I may be a little biased. But I want to showcase the awesomeness of this fantastic city to encourage you to go and experience it for yourself!

Nestled in between the Puget Sound and Cascade Mountains, Seattle has something for everybody. Similar to Knoxville, it’s a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. You can go backpacking or take a day hike in the Olympic or Cascade Mountains (my personal favorite hikes are Melakwa Lake, Railroad Grade, and Paddy-Go-Easy Pass) or even kayak throughout the Puget Sound. Visiting during the winter is just as fun as Seattle has many popular ski resorts like Crystal Mountain.

For closer outdoor activities, the monorail offers a quick way to places like The Burke-Gilman Trail, Washington Park Arboretum and Gas Works Park. The Woodland Park Zoo, recipient of multiple Best National Exhibit awards, holds more than 1,000 animals over 92 acres. Every year they hold concerts, beer tastings, and Christmas Light displays.

If the outdoors don’t tickle your fancy, downtown and the surrounding suburbs offer plenty of great activities, entertainment, and—most importantly—food.  Museums are also tucked throughout the city. You can take in the largest private air and space museum in the world at The Museum of Flight, learn about the diverse history of Seattle at MOHAI, visit the decorated Olympic Sculpture Park or explore America’s Car Museum

Although the city’s popular genre has moved from grunge to indie and hip hop, The Showbox and Triple Door provide great places to view live performances. The Seattle Symphony, Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra and 5th Ave Theatre are great for the fine art lovers.

Of course, the Seahawks, Mariners, and Sounders provide the sporting entertainment for the city but, be sure to check out Husky Stadium, arguably the second greatest setting in college football.

If I were to mention all of the great restaurants in Seattle, this blog would become a book. However, I will direct you to a couple of articles about what makes Seattle food unique and the top restaurants in town. If you have a sweet tooth, Theo’s Chocolate offers tours of their factory and a variety of unique flavors. Also, test out the other coffee shops besides Starbucks, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

There really is no bad time to visit Seattle, but if you are wondering when you should visit, here are a few things to think about.

So for your next vacation, instead of heading to the beach, I suggest traveling the 2,108 miles to take in the beauty and excitement of Seattle!

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