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14 Mar

Intern Corner: Breaking the Ice - A Newcomer's First Project

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Charlie Sissom

Hi there, I am Charlie, but feel free to call me Chuck, Charles, Chuckles, Chazz, whatever your heart desires really. That is what the rest of the office does, but that is an entirely different blog. I am a senior advertising major at the University of Tennessee, graduating in a few months. In January I began interning at BigWheel and wrapping up the first major project thrown my way. After three weeks of work--9 work days for me--I was given the task to build a summer campaign for one of our digital marketing clients. 

As I prepared for a long meeting of instruction, my team relayed, “We are not going to give you any specific instructions, we want to see what you come up with.”. With little previous experience in digital marketing, those words rang in my head for an hour or two. Eventually, I put together a game plan that looked something like this.

  1. Audit everything (website and store analytics, previous ad campaigns, social media... truly anything and everything I could get my eyes on)
  2. Troubleshoot (What is not working? Why?)
  3. Strategize & plan
  4. Create (mockups and pitch deck)

To begin the audit, I dove headfirst into Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Shopify to piece together the digital landscape of the client and get my bearings. After a week of poking around, I became well versed with the tools--or at least competent enough to determine what was and was not working. This was the first step of momentum that allowed me to get the ball rolling on troubleshooting. I began mapping out what was not working, why, and what we needed to change/add/scrap.

Once I had a complete map of the client's digital landscape I was ready to strategize. I needed to understand the brand and customer paradigm regarding the product. Without revealing the client's identity, I uncovered that the product works like a signal to others and as a reminder to the customer of who they are and the community they are a part of. Equipped with this knowledge, I began working out which mediums needed to be used, what those needed to say, and how they could best work together. The goal in mind: create a frictionless customer journey. 

digital marketing strategy

I developed a plan for social/digital marketing and websites focused on conversions (or driving revenue). In addition, I put together a social media plan focused on customer engagement and building community. Overall, the social plan has two key parts: (1) boasting and engaging key audience members (known as micro-influencers) and (2) developing a content strategy that will encourage customer conversation.

With a campaign plan in place, all that was left was some creative work. I created rough (and I stress the word rough) mockups to inspire social/digital ad creation and further explain the messaging strategy. Then I began to create a pitch deck to brief the BigWheel team. 

Learning to swim is best done by jumping into the deep end and that is what happened on this project. My previous experience and education prepared me well enough, but learning to use the digital tools (Google Analytics and Ads) required a brave dive into the deep end. And, it wasn’t a belly flop! The plan is wrapped up and soon the client will be on track to for a phenomenal campaign this summer, and also, the ice is broken! Major project #1 is complete. Now it is time to move on to what is next. See you there!