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04 Aug

Instagram Stories: What It Is and What It Means for Your Brand

On Tuesday morning, Instagram launched its new Stories feature. It’s basically Snapchat, but for companies, although the two each have their own nuances. According to Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom, the app is meant to be an easier, more social version of Snapchat.

So what are the differences? We’ll take a look at the basics and see the advantages and disadvantages of the new feature and what it means for your brand.

What’s The Same?

Both of these apps have the “story” feature that allows you post photos and videos to a single place for each user. After 24 hours, the content is gone and never seen again.

Both allow you to draw, place emojis, and put a filter on your, offering endless ways to be lighthearted and creative.

What’s Different?

Instagram Stories lacks the super unique filters, like that one that puts your face in a slice of bread, or the ability to create interactive messages as a part of a profile.

Instagram stories, at this time, does not have the “geotags” that allow you to check into a place.

The Conclusion

All in all, this is not the end of Snapchat, but perhaps a setting sun for Snapchat and brands. It's clumsy, it's always changing, and its nuanced features make it great for building a network among individuals.

Instagram Stories, however, provides a convenient platform to share exceptional photos alongside quick moments in the life of your brand. Just as users will continue to love the high quality pictures in their feed, they will also crave those quick stories at the top of their feed.

Is this feature going to change the way you handle social?