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01 Feb

Improving The Trucking Industry One Website at a Time

Think about all of the things you’ve bought in the last month. Now think about how those items got to the shelves. Almost everything we come in contact with has been moved by truck drivers. Whether it’s groceries, electronics, clothes, or pet supplies, drivers transport our items cross country without much appreciation. Most of us probably don’t think twice about all the big rigs we pass on the highway, but at BigWheel, we're recognizing these unsung heroes.

Unfortunately, this invaluable industry is facing myriad of challenges such as driver shortages, driver retention, and employee communications. Our task is to make the lives of drivers, and the companies that employ them, as painless and efficient as possible.

Driver Shortages

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According to the American Trucking Associations’ (ATA) Truck Driver Shortage Analysis, the trucking industry will need to hire an estimated 90,000 drivers over the next decade to replace retiring drivers, as well as keep pace with freight growth. With so many drivers needed, it’s essential that the industry attracts a younger workforce. This is where we can help.

A proficient website is a crucial step in attracting new workers because it generally serves as the first impression of the business. We’ve worked with multiple trucking-related companies including Total TransportationBlalock and Axle Logistics, to attract and retain qualified employees via a strong website. Whether spotlighting driver stories, conveying core values, or providing information about available jobs, the site’s focus is on the employee.

As the trucking industry further matures, there has been a big push to attract female drivers. The top way to reach women is through an informative website that clearly portrays an inclusive company culture. Trucking companies succeed because of their tireless workers, so it is important that they focus their marketing to the right employees.

Employee Communication

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Closely related to driver shortages is the challenge of achieving driver retention. Although poor retention can be a symptom of several issues, a lack of communication between employees and managers is a cause for concern. A driver may find it hard to stay engaged with a company if he or she feels isolated in their cab. Driver turnover frequently occurs in the first few months of employment, so it’s crucial to keep drivers committed with the company. Over time, the trucking industry has struggled with this process but a website is the perfect medium to mediate these communication problems.

Total Transportation realized they needed a way to strengthen their communication system in order to increase retention. To keep employees engaged, BigWheel developed a employee portal that provides drivers with weather updates, training videos and a channel for open communication with their representatives.

Driver Health and Wellness

There are a variety of factors facing the trucking industry that impact the safety and wellness of drivers. Drivers need to be aware of any poor air quality, potential obesity, musculoskeletal issues, and impairments of cognition, visual attention, and perception. Blogs and newsletter are great ways to educate drivers on the signs of danger and are also useful in helping them take care of themselves as they transport our goods around the country.

So next time you pass a big rig merging onto the interstate or signaling a lane change, slow down and give them some room. They’ll appreciate it more than you realize and know that you value the challenging work they do.

If you’re interested in upgrading your site or want some more information, give us a call or come see us at MATS 2018!