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31 Aug

Human Interest: What happens when you develop CRM software for a thrift shop?

We’re in the business of growing other businesses, but sometimes those businesses are in the business of helping people in need, and we really like that kind of business.

Knox Area Rescue Mission (KARM) is an incredible ministry that provides meals, shelter, and resources to care for the homeless in our community.

KARM raises most of its funds through 16 thrift stores around the city. Though KARM feeds, shelters, and supports hundreds of people every day, the client sought a software system that collected actionable data from stores to increase revenue and help even more people.

In response, we developed ThriftTrac: an easy-to-use program that tracks donations, engages donors, and offers day-to-day analytics of thrift stores.

Since its creation, ThriftTrac has increased sales and streamlined the journey of a donation to a purchase, thus giving KARM more resources to help folks. After transforming KARM’s stores, it became evident that ministries across the country could use this software to do more.

After successfully reselling the software to organizations around the country, we caught up with Evan Crass, Director of Partner Engagement with KARM, to get the skinny on ThriftTrac’s success.


People who work in thrift store ministry have big hearts but little experience with business analytics software.

Evan knew that in a low-tech environment like thrift shops, the volunteers and workers would need software with a user-friendly interface so information about donations and the donors could be entered quickly, all while tracking vital metrics.


Every store has increased donations by 30% to 50%, and the metrics have helped the stores receive more items and turn them into sales. In other stores, reports attest to double-digit growth and a rise in transaction averages from $12 to $15.


KARM’s favorite attribute of ThriftTrac is its ease of use. The interface is so user friendly that anybody can quickly learn how to log analytics.


Through networking and conferences, Evan shared the results of ThriftTrac with other organizations around the country. These stores now report double-digit growth, and the average transaction per customer has risen from $12 to $15.

To find out more about ThriftTrac, visit their website.