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15 Nov

How You Can Get the Most from Facebook's New Business Post Options

Over the past couple days, Facebook introduced a new posting function to help admins make the right post for your business’ goals. Many of you have known about the different options before, but this system will no doubt enlighten others to new content publishing tools and give all social media workers a handy dashboard when considering new campaigns and strategy.

Now, let’s take a look at the tools:

Share a photo or video

An oldie but a goodie. These posts are the bread and butter of your social presence. Show your culture and tell your brand’s story with photos and videos of your people, your customers and the little things that make the day interesting.

Get phone calls

A great deal of business is lost from people not having an easy way to contact you. In the age of information and high mobile usage, our minds are constantly jumping from info to questions to more info. Offer a post with a one-touch option to call your business from your visitor’s Facebook page.

Get messages

Sometimes, people just don’t feel like calling. The “Get Messages” post allows you make messaging easy, especially if you’re targeting a younger market. As always, a swift answer to a message will keep your leads interested before they decide to pay you a visit or make a purchase.

Help people find your business

For all the business lost by inconvenient contact information, there are many more potential customers that are lost because they don’t know where your brick and mortar location is. For example, getting traffic to a restaurant or shop can be very difficult when people don’t know what’s around you. Use this type of page post so visitors can see that you’re located in their favorite area to shop or spend an evening out after a movie. If you’re business isn’t in a high traffic area, it will still give your business a physical location to stay relevant to your leads.

Create an event

For some establishments, events can make or break your business. If you work in retail, then you're definitely gearing up for at least a few events as we approach Black Friday and the Holiday season. This feature makes it easy to plug all the info needed to get customers through the door and sharing the event without leaving out crucial details.

Create an offer

Facebook is a powerful tool for cheaply and effectively placing your offer in front of your loyal and potential customers alike. Simply create the offer on your website, add the url, type of offer and fill the other blanks to quickly create an ad post that visitors can share with their friends and family.

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