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10 Mar

How Email Marketing Drives Sales

How do you reach your customers?

When you’re planning your business’s digital marketing campaigns, you probably spend most of your time thinking through your social media posts, Google advertising, and website content. While these are essential components of any omnichannel digital marketing strategy, don’t forget about email.

For B2B and B2C companies alike, email marketing is, perhaps, the most cost-efficient way of reaching customers and driving sales. Rushing through your email strategy — or worse, leaving it out entirely — is like fighting with one hand tied behind your back.


Here’s why email marketing is so important for driving sales and increasing revenue.


Chances are, you could show me your return on investment (ROI) for each of your Google Ads and paid social campaigns, but what about email?


If you’re not tracking your email marketing ROI, you might be surprised to learn that email marketing’s ROI is close to $55. That’s about $55 for every $1 spent.  


And over the past few years, email’s ROI has been on the rise.


Unlike running ads on social media and Google, email marketing is extremely cheap. Since you already own your email list, you don’t have to pay a middleman for access to their users.


With email, you aren’t relying on Facebook, Instagram, or Google for ad placement. your message is getting to your target’s inbox because they know you and have signed up to hear from you.


Email marketing lets you control your costs: you decide how much creative time you’re going to spend creating the email, and you decide which email marketing platform you’re going to use. (Some email marketing clients are even free!)


retaining and reactivating customers


You’ve heard the stat before: it costs about 5x as much to attract a new customer than to keep a current one. So if you’re trying to make your marketing dollars go as far as they can, your best customers are your existing customers. Email makes retaining current customers and getting back old ones easier and more cost-effective than identifying, attracting, and converting a new lead.


Think about your marketing goals and build an email nurture to help you meet them.


Trying to win back an old customer? Email them a special, exclusive promo code.


Trying to upsell an existing customer? Offer them a free trial.


Want more referrals? Give them a reward for telling their friends about you.


While a quick one-off email can be extremely effective, if your product typically has a long sales cycle, plan out a series of nurture emails that keep your product top of mind.


save time with automation


You’ll always have to create new emails for one-off marketing campaigns, but for ongoing campaigns — like reactivating old customers and following up with leads — you can build your email sequence once and forget it with automation.


Here are just a few of the most common email automations:

  • Welcome: Say hi to new contacts and let them know what to expect from you
  • Thank You: Thank your customer after they make a purchase
  • Lead Nurture: Help push prospects through your marketing funnel
  • Referral: Offer customers an incentive for referring friends and family
  • Reactivation: Reengage old contacts who haven’t interacted with you in a while


But automation isn’t just email. You can set up workflows to deliver leads to your sales team, prompt them to reach back out after a certain period of time, post social media content, and more.


Email automation reduces wasted time and lets your team focus on converting hot leads.


getting started with email marketing


Ready to get started with email marketing? Start with cleaning your list. Get rid of misspelled email addresses and duplicates.


If you don’t have an email list yet, or you want to grow your existing list, add a form to your website that subscribes people to your company’s blog or lets them download a premium piece of content like an eBook.


From there, find an email marketing platform that works for you, and build a simple template or two that can work with the kind of content you want to send to your list.


Need a hand with building your email list or setting up marketing automations? We’re here to help! Contact us today.