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01 Dec

Free Digital Marketing Consultations for 2021

Created by: 
Mike Kuczmarski

With the holidays here and 2020 coming to a close, the time is now to start planning your marketing budgets and strategies for 2021.

How can BigWheel help you?

  • Did 2020 make you realize that you needed to be more agile with your marketing? As we move forward into 2021, the uncertainty of the pandemic still remains. How will it affect you?

  • Maybe your goal is to increase revenue from your current customers by improving your lead and sales funnel? According to HubSpot, acquiring new customers is 5-25x more expensive than selling to existing customers.

  • Perhaps it’s time to support organic social media efforts with a paid strategy targeting specific audiences or buyer personas? 

  • Or, maybe your customers use virtual voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple’s Siri, and you need to optimize for voice search for your product line. 

  • Could your search engine marketing (SEM) use an updated keyword strategy and an organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan? 

  • Perhaps you read about social media influencers and you’re not sure if a micro-influencer is right for a new product launch. What’s a reasonable return on investment?

Does your marketing lack traction?

The marketing industry is an ever-changing landscape of skills, technologies and best practices. Our agency has a track record of putting its talents to use with well-known national brands such as Disney, Jewelry Television, NASCAR and Clayton Homes. Even a family-owned interior design company based in New York City, F. Schumacher & Co., received a return on ad spend of $9 for their e-commerce campaigns

As a team, we’re always looking for new challenges and opportunities. Our staff's breadth of experience, ability to stay up to date with the ever-changing digital landscape, as well as taking a holistic view of your business and marketing goals help you see the forest from the trees. 

Come roll with us.

If you're searching for marketing with traction, come roll with us at #gobigwheel. We’re offering free 2021 marketing consultations for a limited time. Join our team of digital marketing experts for a chat about your goals and we'll take your business to new heights. Or we can just walk with you if you're afraid of heights.

Reach out today to the BigWheel team to schedule an appointment.