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22 Sep

Do You Even Need a Blog? What to Consider Before Taking the Plunge

It’s no secret that lots of companies have seen a dramatic and measurable ROI from writing a blog. However, not all blogs have the same, successful track record.

Having a blog is sort of like having a really fancy boat. When it's working and the conditions are right, the thing is a blast. When it's winter, unbearably hot, and/or not working well, it's a bottomless money hole that you feel obligated to use.

In the same way, a blog is a useful vessel for helpful and friendly tips to attract new leads and build trust among loyal customers. However, it seems to take up a lot of time and resources when conditions or ROI are less than satisfying.

So, is it worth it? 

Unfortunately, few companies ask this question before initiating their blog. Businesses make one just to have it, even if there’s no good plan to sustain it.

A blog needs nurturing, and a starving blog looks like your business stopped caring. I blog for a living and for pleasure, and my personal blog hardly ever gets updated because of the time it takes.

At work, it's a top priority for my job, so it's easy to keep the BigWheel blog topped off.

If you’re out there as the do-it-all marketer of your business, you’re going to have a hard time coming up with the time to consistently write compelling and search-optimized posts. This isn’t a rule, but it's still a big commitment that takes a team to keep it energized.

To see if you need a blog, it’s important to remember what a blog is meant to do: offer solutions or answers to questions that someone may search for online.

With this in mind, other content like product information, press releases, and promotional videos can do wonders for generating leads and fill the same function, especially if you are in a small niche market.

Case in point: Aqua-Chem

We recently launched a new website for Aqua-Chem, a company that sells complex water distillation machines for making medicine, drinks, freshwater on a cruise ship, clean water for military applications, and many other things.

Despite Aqua-Chem’s worldwide scope and involvement in multiple markets, it’s unreasonable to expect people to casually search Google for problems that engineers are paid to solve. Instead, Aqua-Chem has lots of content dedicated to showing off new products and technology.

Rather than informal blogs, it's better for Aqua-Chem to invest in higher quality content less frequently in order to advertise to its potential customers big solutions to big problems.

We are, in no way, discouraging someone who wants to create a blog. Creating quality content is essential for every business and a blog is certainly a viable option for many companies.

Though it takes commitment and consistency, a blog doesn’t have to be super fancy. Read our post from a couple weeks ago about leveraging the human element if you decide a blog is right for you. When done right, quality content will attract potential customers that convert to new business.