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14 Jun

Creating Custom Quizzes for CNN Soundtracks

On April 20, CNN kicked off the music-centric miniseries: Soundtracks: Songs That Defined History. Created by Dwayne Johnson and producer Dany Garcia, the show’s eight episodes celebrate the power of songs to stir up specific memories—especially when it comes to key moments in history. From the Civil Rights Movement to Hurricane Katrina, Soundtracks shows how musicians shape the way we view our world. Plus, it shares some pretty fantastic tunes. Old-school Isaac Hayes, anyone?

Music is all about the audience, which is why Soundtracks takes viewer engagement up a notch by offering interactive quizzes and polls for each episode. Questions cover everything from identifying Neil Young hits to correctly attributing Motown classics. CNN used BigWheel’s Voices Heard technology to develop and power the features, providing the perfect platform for our custom capabilities.

Ready to test your music know-how? Head over to to give it shot. Let us know how you do—we’re pretty proud of our in-office results.