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09 Apr

Content Calendars Help Your Digital Marketing Team Save Time

Content calendars -- from an agency perspective -- are a tool that makes the agency/client relationship effective and efficient.

Starting with the basics, BigWheel uses a platform called GAIN Content Marketing Management & Collaboration Software -- otherwise called a content calendar. For clients, content calendars are used for social media content, but they can also be used for digital marketing. Here are 6 reasons your business needs a content calendar:

  1. Organization

    Forget spreadsheets and/or humungous email chains, gather everything in one place. See every channel and the content planned for it from one command center. The organizational function is the most important aspect of content calendars as it ensures everyone is on the same page.

  2. One Platform to Easily Approve Posts

    Again, forget humongous email chains and stay inside a content calendar platform to leave feedback and approve content. No one is left out of the loop then forced to surprise the team with last minute changes that could have been avoided earlier. Everyone who needs to approve content can do so with a click of a button. There is no ambiguity whether or not a content piece is ready to go out the door.

  3. Automated Posting

    Post on multiple platforms at once and, more importantly, schedule posts to curb micromanagement. A surprising amount of time is saved by creating all the content and planning all posts at the same time. BigWheel tries to establish the final content calendar about a month in advance. This allows for the agency and the client to be on the same page. It gives more flexibility for a client to post themselves, knowing when they can post organically throughout the month.

    Overall, content calendars increase efficiency and allow a higher level of collaboration by removing what we call blockers. (Blockers are things that inhibit or slow progress. Project managers are masters at removing blockers).

  4. Birdseye View to Help with Strategy

    At the end of the day, an advertisement or social post is nothing more than entertainment, education, or food for thought if there is no strategy behind it. Putting things out there aimlessly will never build a strong brand. You must have a deliberate plan to advertise/post content with a purpose -- write content with a consistent voice. A content calendar allows you to see the bigger picture clearly and helps energize the strategic part of our brains.

  5. Helps with Efficient Communication

    Communication is key to a strong relationship, especially when the relationship has constant deadlines, multiple points of contact and an investment attached to it. Content calendars decrease the friction that agencies and brands often create if they are attempting to manage a social account without a dedicated calendar platform or tool. With less friction, clearer communication, and deeper trust we are able to create and strategize better for clients.

Ultimately, BigWheel exists to help our clients, content calendars are a solution to one of our services. Here are some free content calendars we recommend: Hootsuite, Buffer, Friends+Me (does not include Instagram), and ContentCal. Reach out to us if you have more questions on how we can partner.