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Confessions of a BigWheel Intern

INTERN. That is one very scary but very exciting word. Well, at least it was for me. Going from a college student (that has never had a job) straight into being an intern was quite a jump. There were new people to meet, new responsibilities to take on, and that one very important skill to master.


First, let’s back up to the interview. I had never gone through an interview before in my life. I remember thinking, “Do I need to be super professional, or do I allow my quirky self to shine?” I was neither. I felt like I was going to hit the floor! However, I made it through an hour interview and was told to start in two weeks. And, so began the internship.

When I started with BigWheel, we were located in a temporary space due to a remodel being completed at our normal location. It was an interesting time to start the internship, but when I arrived, the employees took me in with open arms. That is the one thing I remember most about starting—how kind and helpful they all were. There happened to be another intern that had already started, and that made the transition a bit easier with someone else in my situation.

I began my internship as a web development intern, which went toward hours I had to earn to finish my college degree. After spending a few weeks here, I became interested in so much more than just web development and soon became an “everything” intern. I was learning completely different tasks from what I was at school, so I soaked every bit of it in.

As a new intern, typically not everyone knows you at first. I can confidently say I made myself known... accidentally. I took the elevator in the mornings to get to the temporary office, and one morning, the elevator decided it wanted to quit working while I was on it! You better believe everyone knew who I was then. From then on, I have been know as the intern that was stuck in the elevator.

What started out as one of the scariest things I have ever done, turned into one of the best experiences in my college career—and even my life. Not everyone may realize what an internship has to offer. Yes, you gain experience in the workfield, but you also gain interaction with coworkers and learn real world skills. Not to mention, I’ve improved my communication skills!

I’ve found new interests through this experience and I continue to do so. As for the future, I am not sure what it holds, but I do hope it includes BigWheel.

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