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06 Oct

5 Tips for a Successful Social Media Strategy in 2021

Created by: 
Mike Kuczmarski

Social media is an extremely useful tool for growing small and large businesses in 2020. With the limitation of in-person interaction and growth of social media usage because of the pandemic, it is essential for brands to boost social media presence in 2021. 

By implementing these 5 tips, your social media strategy can improve greatly. 

1. Choosing the right platform

Selecting the right social media platform to fit your audience is the first step to a successful social media strategy. Because of the different audiences you reach on different social platforms, it is important to select the platform based on your target audience. For example, use Instagram for a younger demographic, use LinkedIn for a more professional group, and use Facebook for targeting millennials. 

2. Use SMART goals

In creating a social media campaign, brands need to create attainable goals. A great method to use when creating goals is the S.M.A.R.T. acronym. SMART goals mean: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. When creating these goals, be sure to set aside time to evaluate what goals have been met with the most recent campaign. 

3. Produce high-quality, original content

With social media content, less is more, and quality is always more important than quantity. Rather than reposting graphics from another creator or brand, try creating original content that has a cohesive theme and look on the platform’s news feed. Additionally, if fitting, try incorporating humor or other elements of creativity into your content to stand out to potential customers. 

4. Be responsive to consumers

Providing the best customer service is a great way to build your brand and increase customer engagement. By answering questions and engaging with comments on your social media, the customer feels a sense of personal connection with your brand. If you fail to respond to a customer’s inquiry or comment on social media or email, they will often resort to picking your competitor for the service or product. Reputation management is crucial for social referrals.

5. Be conscious of social issues and trends 

Social media revolves around following trends and current events. One of the most important unspoken rules for brands to follow on social media is awareness of these trends and/or issues. This ever-changing aspect of social media requires active listening from your brand. Learning from other organization’s mistakes and using that knowledge to grow is one of the best ways to maintain a socially-forward brand. 

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