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28 Sep

5 Digital Marketing Lessons From Football

Created by: 
Emilee Delaisse

The college football season is almost at its halfway point. So far, we’ve seen crazy upsets (Auburn anyone?!), heartbreaking losses, and some downright great games. People love football for its smashmouth hitting and established traditions, but it can also teach us a lot about marketing. You may be thinking, “What do 300 pound linemen, play-action passes, and home field advantages have to do with my business's digital marketing?” Plenty. Here are five marketing lessons from the game of football. 

1. Work as a Team

With 11 players on the field, a football team must guarantee each player is on the same page. It’s no different with digital marketing. Let’s say each offensive position is a part of your online presence. For example, the running back represents Twitter, slot receiver is your website, and the tight end is your digital ads. Each of these must work together to help you business meet its marketing goals. This includes everything from the color scheme to the voice of your content. Consistency across these channels will build trust with your customers and better brand recognition. 

2. Don’t Run the Same Play Over and Over

This may seem obvious, but some businesses get in the habit of using the same approaches to digital marketing over and over again. Running it up the gut every play won’t lead to much success as a football team. Relying on one channel, let’s say Facebook, diminishes your potential audience and reduces the chance your brand is successful. Run some Instagram play-action passes, SEO sweeps, and make sure your website wildcat is up to date. This will prompt a larger audience and a stronger brand position.

3. Persistence Pays Off

Although the big plays make the highlight reels, most offensive plays are under 10 yards. First: Face the fact that most of your Instagram posts, blogs or YouTube videos are not going to go viral. However, that does not mean you should give up. Many football teams are successful by steadily going down the field to score a touchdown and only every once in a while a big play will open up for an 80-yard touchdown. Consistently post quality, timely content and the views will come. You might even hit the jackpot and go viral. 

4. Prepare for Upcoming Competition

Just like any sport, football players review game footage to form a gameplan. Not only do they look at the next week’s opponent, but they look at the footage from their previous game. Similar attention to detail must be taken with digital marketing. It is imperative that businesses review their past campaigns to understand how to improve in the future. In addition, conducting frequent pulse checks of the competition will help you stand out from the crowd. 

5. Play Well at Home

Athletes want to win every game they play in, but there is something about losing at home that can be especially upsetting. Businesses are always looking for ways to bring in new customers but losing loyal customers can offset those wins. Throughout all of your digital marketing adventures, find a balance between keeping your current customers content and earning new fans. This could mean including their ideas into your marketing strategies or polling them to see how to improve your business. Football players expect to win at home, and you should too.