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08 Nov

5 Benefits of a Strong SEO Strategy

The digital marketing landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years, but Search Engine Optimization (SEO) remains as important as ever. While there are many benefits to a solid SEO strategy, we’ve outlined the top five to help you establish goals that are tailored to your business.

1. Increase Revenue – If your business is focused on selling a product or service, a strong SEO strategy is essential. The most useful way to attract consumers is to target them during the end of the buying cycle, i.e. customers who have added items to a shopping cart. How? Create individual product pages that are easy to find and navigate. This can lead to more conversions and higher conversion rates. Don’t forget to set up ECommerce tracking in Google Analytics to dramatically improve visibility, showing you who has purchased what items and which acquisition channel they used to arrive to the site.

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2. Gain More Leads – For sites focused on gaining leads vs. direct purchases, the ideal SEO strategy will change. Instead of targeting customers toward the end of a buying cycle, target them in the early stages of the buying process. Focus web pages on describing your product or service rather than encouraging an immediate sale. Additionally, make sure to set up goal conversions in Google Analytics for links with calls to action around form submissions or information requests. 

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3. Engage and Educate Users – To show off the benefits of your product or service, improving site engagement is key. The more a user interacts with your site, the more opportunities you have to engage and persuade them.  A great way to track the engagement rate is via metrics such as downloads, average time spent on site, bounce rate, and average pages viewed per visit.  

4. Increase Brand Awareness – SEO is also great at boosting overall brand awareness. If a consumer sees an offline ad or video, they’re more likely to organically search for additional information. One of the biggest tools for brand awareness is keyword targeting. Building keywords and branding around the buyer will target the customers that are the most important. This allows consumers to separate you from your competitors, as well as condition the way they talk about your product or service.

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5. Generate Traffic – It’s safe to assume that most website owners want to attract a large audience. The more eyes that see your site, the greater chance you’ll have at making money. Keyword targeting is crucial for building—and keeping—a loyal audience. To kick things off, build a list of keywords. Remember: Keywords should be unique and uncommon. The more common a keyword, the higher the competition and a much lower chance of ranking on Google’s first page. The more unique and relevant the words are to your content, the better the results will be.   

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