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06 Oct

3 Metrics for Evaluating the Success of Social Media Influencer Campaigns

Created by: 
Mike Kuczmarski

With the continual rise of social media influencers, it is important to recognize what influencer marketing is and what makes it worthwhile. Social media influencer marketing is crucial for businesses trying to grow their engagement-based marketing for their brand. But where do you begin when setting goals of which metrics to measure at the outset of a social campaign?

Through tracking impressions, tracking engagement, and setting defined goals, your brand can easily evaluate whether your influencer campaign was worth it. 

1. Track impressions

Tracking impressions will show how many people the influencer campaign reached. Being able to see what posts are doing well and what posts are not is useful for creating future campaigns and hiring future influencers. Although impressions do not mean how many people engaged or read the content, it is beneficial to know the number of people that saw the content. 

2. Track engagements 

Engagement includes likes, comments, shares, retweets and reactions. Because of their public availability, engagement metrics can be a useful tool to determine whether or not an influencer receives engagement from their followers. 

Two different ways to calculate engagements are: 

  • By adding up the likes, shares, comments, etc., to determine how many people engaged with the content, or

  • By dividing the number of comments, likes, and shares by the number of impressions to produce the engagement rate metric. 

3. Set measurable goals

Lastly, setting goals you want to accomplish in your social media campaign is necessary for measuring success. Examples of goals can include but are not limited to: 

  • a specific growth in followers over a set point in time

  • a certain number of engagements versus impressions on a post or set of posts

  • a set number of affiliate link usage. 

This is helpful for not only monitoring the success of a campaign, but also tracking the effectiveness of an influencer. With clear expectations in a campaign, the influencer and brand have a collaborative, mutually beneficial experience that is easier to measure. 

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