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Big Wheel's Core Values

Discovering BigWheel’s Core Values

No matter how hectic things get, having a strong set of values can keep your team grounded. To help highlight BigWheel’s core values, each member of our design team took on a few that spoke to them. The goal? Interpret the value and create a visual representation -- no boundaries.

What a logo is and isn't header image

What a Logo Is, and What It Isn't

At BigWheel we create a lot of corporate identities -- a phrase that encompasses logo design but also includes a visual style guide covering stationery, business cards, email signatures, signage, vehicles, uniforms, etc., even writing style and tone.

Football marketing header

5 Digital Marketing Lessons From Football

The college football season is almost at its halfway point. So far, we’ve seen crazy upsets (Auburn anyone?!), heartbreaking losses, and some downright great games. People love football for its smashmouth hitting and established traditions, but it can also teach us a lot about marketing.

User-Friendly Software header

The Key to Developing User-Friendly Software

Embracing uncertainty is tough -- especially when it comes to digital development.

Credit card processing header image

How to Select a Credit Card Processing Gateway

Stripe, Square,  -- as the options for online payment gateways grow, how do you know which one is a good fit for your business?


10 Quick Steps to Better Presentations

These quick tips will go a long way toward making your presentations stronger. 

Step away from the mouse.

Don’t open PowerPoint until you first have a clear understanding of the points you are making and an outline of how to make them.

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6 Tips to Make the Most of Your Content Marketing

Picture this: Your company just announced they’re hosting a huge conference. You’ve lined up fantastic speakers, scheduled innovative sessions, and reserved space at a centrally located hotel. Great! But now you’re tasked with getting the word out. It should be easy, right? You’re promoting a great event and have an engaging story to tell.

Self Care Trends header

Wellness Trends 2018: Self-Care Is What Your Company Is Missing

Name a single industry that hasn’t been influenced by the self-care trend.