About Us

Created by the merger of the region's oldest digital firm, DMGx, with Bluegill's award winning marketing and creative team, BigWheel offers a combination of talent few firms can claim.

We build brands from the ground up through business strategy, marketing planning and creative execution combined with unparalleled digital abilities including web and mobile platforms and custom application development. And our digital marketing team helps clients put the web to work. 

But our most important offering is advice.

We find that many of our clients don't know where to start, and who can blame them? In today's media saturated environment it's tougher than ever to get your message across. When tweets circle the globe in seconds and videos go viral, it's hard to know how to start. It takes a plan. It takes time. It takes someone who knows the way. That's where we come in. We call it...

Clarity in Marketing and Digital.

BigWheel clients are local, regional, and national in scope. Our award-winning projects include some brands whose names you'll recognize. We'd like to include yours. 

Learn more by watching our Demo Reel.


Our Affiliates

A key difference between BigWheel and other firms is our family of affiliated companies. Gigmark's custom software and interactive flash drives cleverly combine a marketing platform with a robust content management and analytics tool. Voices Heard Media helps national brands truly engage their audiences through a suite of interactive web apps. Together, the BigWheel affiliates make a powerful toolbox for any brand.